On finding those happy moments.

Hello friends!

Recently life has been a little all over the place, and honestly downright messy at times. Having spent the last year moving my life all over the UK, has finally caught up with me, and i’m definitely learning that whilst you can change your scenery, your own personal problems sure do stay with you, no matter where the heck you live.

That’s not to say that i’m not enjoying certain moments as they come around, but more that I am simply learning to accept growth, change and being happy when things are very far from perfect.


You see, it’s all too easy to say when X will happen, then i’ll be happy. Or if I go and get that promotion then things will all get better, or if I move here everything will get better. Yes, sometimes these things can add to our happiness, sometimes getting that promotion makes you feel more secure in your job or gives you more purpose. Or, moving house makes you feel more at home. These things can be great! But, I think the major problem with always relying on the future is that you miss out on the now.


We are all victims to it, and i’d be lying if I said I hadn’t been struggling with similar feelings recently. Moving to a new city with the intentions of staying put has brought with it some serious growing pains, and i’ve had to do a heck a lot of self evaluation, and work toward figuring out some pretty big questions. There have been restless nights, days spent exhausted, evenings full of tears. It’s been hard guys. 

But, the truth is, life will never be perfect, and if you put so much pressure on waiting for everything to be, you will never get to sit back and look at the beauty of what you have right now. Because there is so much in life to be thankful for.

It’s about finding your happy places, the things that make your heart sing, those little moments in a day where everything feels at peace. Sometimes for me that means going on a run and discovering new areas, finding an amazing view point right at my door step, evenings spent climbing. Sometimes it’s as damn simple as a good cup of coffee right before the madness of my day begins.


At the end of the day, life is a collection of moments, a series of sequences, images that we hold dear. And, I sure want to make sure I remember and enjoy each and every step along the way.




Author: Amy @ Adventuringamy

Just an ordinary girl trying to find herself in this funny little world. Technical Stuff: 21 years old, recently moved to the countryside Fun Stuff: Almond butter addict, crazy cat lady and total nature lover

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