When it rains it pours.

Slightly unusual title for today’s post, i’ll admit, but a friend texted that quote to me the other day, and for whatever reason it really stuck with me. Do you ever have those days, weeks or even months were everything seems to be on a downward spiral? Where the domino effect of bad events s seems to be in full swing?

Well for me, that’s pretty much what March has looked like. Seriously.

So let me fill you in.

It all started with a sunny day, a beautiful walk, some world class gingerbread and a tick. Random list I know, but let me explain. After some serious bad weather here in the lakes, the clouds finally started to lift, and for the first time in a while the sun was out in full force.

Naturally, with a day off planned we headed for a walk and little scramble in the Grasmere area. On a happier note I seriously love Grasmere, if you’re ever in the lakes head here, please. You will not regret it.




We had a pretty awesome day goofing around, running up rocks and down again, getting soggy feet and some of the best views! With a quick refuel on some of Grasmere’s famous gingerbread we headed back home to Kendal with full tummies and happy hearts.

All was well. That was until about two days later, when I discovered a tick on my left leg. Initially no biggie, we removed it and I thought nothing of it, until about a week later when I started to feel feverish, have bad migraines and an overall sense of pretty energy sapping lethargy. Fun.

A trip to the doctor and my fears were soon confirmed. I had developed the beginnings of lyme disease, a tick related illness.

The good news, some antibiotics and a week of rest had me feeling ALOT better.

Lesson learned? Check myself for ticks right after walks! Typically they’re not harmful, it’s when they’ve been on your body for more than 24 hours that you should be vigilant, and with lyme’s disease on the rise in the Lake District, I think its something we should all try and be more careful about here.

So that was shit sandwich number one.

About a day after my diagnosis, things took another turn for the worse when Andy came home from work looking an unnatural shade of grey. He then spent the next four days unable to keep any food or water down.

Shit sandwich number two.

Exactly a day after he finally was feeling better, I was dealt another wild card.

It was generally a pretty quiet afternoon at work, and I was emptying the dishwasher we have behind the counter when I dropped a cup, went down to reach it, and sliced my hand open between my ring and pinky finger. To say it was embarrassing would be an understatement. What followed was several trips to AandE, a specialist in Preston and countless days off work.

It turned out that I had severed a nerve, leaving my left ring finger with no sensation. I had surgery to repair it yesterday, which thankfully went well! But in terms of work, i’m out for two weeks until my stitches are out.

Shit sandwich number 3.

For someone who thankfully has spent 21 years with zero medical issues I have always counted myself a pretty healthful and lucky person, but if this experience has taught me anything, it’s to never take your health for granted, to appreciate every working part of yourself. And also I guess, that sometimes when it rains it does indeed pour. But, that doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. Whilst right now theres is a lot of uncertainty for me in what i’ll do next, it has also reminded me just how lucky I am to have amazing friends and family, and of course Andy (huge love for this guy), who have all provided me with constant support and love during a time that has been incredibly difficult and scary.


Because let’s be real, adulting is hard, figuring out your place in the world is at times impossible, and when your health is called into question and you find yourself alone in a new city, miles away from your parents, it’s scary. And I would be lying if I said that I haven’t had days with my fair share of tears shed. But, that’s life, it gets messy, and when things get difficult it provides a perfect time to reflect on where you are and where you want to be. For me right now, that means getting back to blogging more regularly, spending more time on self care and figuring out a bit more where I see myself in the next year.

So sometimes when it rains, it does indeed pour, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stop to dance and smile in it for a while.

have a wonderful day my loves



Author: Amy @ Adventuringamy

Just an ordinary girl trying to find herself in this funny little world. Technical Stuff: 21 years old, recently moved to the countryside Fun Stuff: Almond butter addict, crazy cat lady and total nature lover

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