Mountain day: Blencathra and sharp edge.

So i’m currently a little behind here, but having just started back up on the blogging, I really want to include some of my adventures and bigger days out, and now seeing as the weather has taken a turn for the worst (think horrible drizzly rain and dark gloomy clouds), that means that currently, i’m spending a lot less time outdoors. Sucks…I know.

But, one of the main motivations for moving to the Lake District was mine and the boyfriend’s (Andy’s) love for the mountains. And when I say love, I mean more like intense fascination and adoration. In fact, we both pretty much see mountains as our favourite landscape. And along with that comes an intense and inexplicable desire to be on top of them.

Cue the Lake district, home to some of the most stunning (and few) mountain ranges in England, alongside being the home to the tallest mountain (Scafell Pike) you can find in our little, fairly flat country. Alongside this, expect to find some stunning lakes, cute little cobble stoned villages and some of the most outdoorsy people you will ever meet. Afterall, the lakes pretty much invented fell running.

Moving here seemed pretty much inevitable for us then. And to be honest I will probably dedicate a future post to just how awesome the Lake district is, but for now back to the point of this post.

So, me and Andy found ourself a few weeks back with a free day on our hands, where for once the weather seemed to be playing ball. There was literally not a single cloud in the sky, and for January it was pretty balmy and distinctly un-snowy. Consequently, a mountain day seemed inevitable and we set our sights on Blencathra.

Blencathra all in all is a fairly unassuming mountain, set literally right behind a busy road leading to Keswick (what some might consider the capital of the lakes), honestly you could drive past and barely know it was there.

But, we had our sights set on it, as it has a slightly more interesting way to get up it than the usual generic, curving tourist path – a little grade 1 scramble known as ‘sharp edge’.


Sharp edge is essentially a ridge walk leading up the summit, classified as a grade 1 scramble, as occasionally the use of hands or feet are required to manoeuvre yourself along the path. It’s pretty easy going, although you can make it as hard or easy as you want by choosing different lines along it. The only thing that might put people off is how exposed it is, but even then there is still a fairly distinguished path along it and it’s pretty touristy, so nothing too crazy.


Despite my reservations (think fear of heights) I actually really enjoyed sharp edge, it was easy enough that you don’t become overwhelmed by fear, but also interesting enough to keep you thinking too. And once we finished the scramble, we felt obliged to take a typical, cutesy couple photo at the top.


Honestly, I would say sharp edge is what really makes Blencathra a little more interesting, as the summit itself was fairly, and I hate to say it, missable. And honestly I really dislike saying that, because nature is always stunning, I just more mean that compared to other mountains in the area, it’s definitely a little less breathtaking. But hey, a mountain is a mountain and it’s still an awesome feeling to be stood at the top of one.

All in all it was a pretty fun day out, even if we got a little lost on the way down and ended up waddling down an incredibly steep, poo infested field. That bit was not so great.

Another day off well spent:)






Author: Amy @ Adventuringamy

Just an ordinary girl trying to find herself in this funny little world. Technical Stuff: 21 years old, recently moved to the countryside Fun Stuff: Almond butter addict, crazy cat lady and total nature lover

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