Making the most of it: the 10 things I want to do whilst in the Lakes.

I’ve always been a bit lazy when it comes to setting and then attaining goals, I get easily distracted, have little patience and let’s just face it, life gets in the way.

But, one of the main reasons I chose to move to the Lake District was to discover more, explore more and just all in all do more. I was instantly drawn to the outdoorsy feel to the area – everyone here does something, whether that be climbing, mountaineering, biking, paddling, you name it the lakes have it.

Having been born and raised in the suburban streets of London (slightly cringing at this wording, as it makes it all sound way too edgy….it wasn’t), I always craved the outdoors. Actual green fields that rolled on for days, mountainscapes and wide open lakes, were just never things I found in the city, and consequently I never quite felt at home there.

With this in mind, I am determined to make the most of my time here, as I have no idea how long i’ll stay, currently i’m thinking anything from 6 months to a year, but things could change. So, I decided to compile a list of all the things I want to do, see and experience whilst i’m here, and hopefully once my time is up i’ll be able to look back and see what I managed to accomplish.

Here goes:

1.Go up Scafell Pike, after all it is England’s tallest mountain, I feel it would be a shame to actually live in the area this mountain looms over and cease to ever experience it, ya know?

scafell pike.jpg

2.Wild camp. A lot. Okay so it is currently hardly the season for wild camping here with the weather being pretty much every shade of gloomy, and i’ve never been one to really relish sitting in a soggy tent, watching the clouds pelt it down all around me. But, once summer rolls around and the temperatures start to stop feeling so frosty, then i’m definitely down for just parking up by a lake and setting up camp for a night or two.

3. Climb outside more. Again this one is also a little more weather dependent, but I really want to get more experience climbing on actual rock. I’ve only been climbing a few months since Andy introduced me to it, but i’ve definitely got the bug a little. Heights have always been one of my biggest fears, and I like that slowly but surely I’m starting to be less overwhelmed by them, climbing outdoors is definitely a way to help overcome this all a little more, as well as get to see some seriously breathtaking views.

4.Go to Keswick Mountain Festival. It takes place in June time and basically is a giant celebration of climbing and mountaineering, with a bunch of stalls, talks and a mini film festival dedicated to these topics. It’s meant to be a real event and is pretty hyped up so I feel I don’t want to miss out on this one.

Keswick Mountain Festival Evening music stage (crowd shot) Roy Henderson 788.jpg

5.Get more into trail running. I’ve always been a road runner, again growing up in suburbia does that to you, so finally being in an area with so much to offer in terms of scenery I really want to get more into trail running and experience what’s around me a lot more.

6.Related to my last point, improve my map reading skills. Okay so i’m kinda embarrassed to admit this one, but when it comes to reading maps…I suck. Poor Andy has done pretty good and taught me the basics, but I still lack the confidence to just get out there, map in hand and make up my own routes. This is something I definitely need to overcome, as it holds me back when it comes to planning runs or walks, as i’m reluctant to try out new routes.

7.Save. So this is directly related to moving to the lakes, but I feel its something I definitely need to go and do more of. Spending money on things I don’t need really has to stop if I plan to have more adventures further afield in the future.

8.Spend evenings doing interesting things. So I have a horrible habit. Oftentimes after coming home from work and cooking dinner I end up collapsing on my bed and watching Netflix to my hearts content. Now there is nothing wrong with that at all, but sometimes I can’t help but feel that as much as I love grandma life, I could occasionally try and do something interesting with my evenings. The town we live has an arts centre that is always putting on shows and gigs in the evenings and we’ve decided to start going to these shindigs when we can, broaden our horizons and so on.

9.Visit as many towns in the lakes as I possibly can. Seriously, I want to see it all!


10.Get involved in the local community. As cliche as it may sound, there is an overwhelming sense of community in the town in which we live and the surrounding area, and having lacked that growing up, I would love to feel a part of it all. Whether that be by taking part in town events or joining a club here, either way I want to meet and get to know the people in my area.

So that’s it, for now anyway! Here’s to the next few months of hopefully getting stuff done!






Author: Amy @ Adventuringamy

Just an ordinary girl trying to find herself in this funny little world. Technical Stuff: 21 years old, recently moved to the countryside Fun Stuff: Almond butter addict, crazy cat lady and total nature lover

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