Who am I and what’s this all about.


Starting a blog isn’t exactly a foreign concept for me, it’s something i’ve dabbled in from time time, starting off enthusiastically before sadly deleting any efforts I may have made.

The truth is, I was never quite ready to blog about the things I truly wanted to discuss, and I wasn’t quite at a point where I was living authentically or in line with the person I wanted to be.

But, a year on from my previous efforts and a lot has changed. I am finally at a place where I am living a life in line with who I have accepted I am. This life may not be glamorous, it may not always be filled with adventures or incredible stories. But, it is a life I am content with. In fact, scratch that, it is indeed a life I am extremely happy with, a life I have carefully cultivated, full of the things and people I love.

But, before I get ahead of myself I guess I should start by introducing the very basics of who I am…

My name is Amy (in case you hadn’t already guessed..), I am 21 years old and have just moved up to live in the Lake District, England, for a bit. I am a cat loving, coffee fanatic and mountain lover. I strongly dislike strawberries, crowds and grumpy people.

If you’re the type of person who would rather spend a Saturday night cuddled up in bed with tea and a good book, than my guess is you might just like this blog, and perhaps you should give it a chance…. not trying to sell myself here at all am I….

If not then that’s cool, I can’t expect to be everyone’s cup of tea coffee, and I respect your decision to politely skip on over to someone a tad more exciting than me.

If you’re still interested however than you can expect to see upcoming blogposts all about life in the small towns surrounding english mountains, coffee ramblings, climbing and walking adventures and my general life musings on how I came to be where I currently am now.

Moreover though, I know this blog is going to act as a way for me to just let it all out, because lets be real, as beautiful as life is, it’s also damn messy sometimes. And I want to include it all, the good, the bad and the downright ugly.

for now though I will end these introductions before I get too ahead of myself,

sending love x

Author: Amy @ Adventuringamy

Just an ordinary girl trying to find herself in this funny little world. Technical Stuff: 21 years old, recently moved to the countryside Fun Stuff: Almond butter addict, crazy cat lady and total nature lover

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